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There is this space, which is also a time

that lives in the silence that happens when we are alone.

There is a kind of magic in this moment when the head touches the pillow, the eyes close.

The infinite that lives within being alive and that stays there, inside the four walls of the bedroom.

This sensual darkness that carries all the mystery of being alive.

Bedroom is what we are when no one is watching.

And being, in this infinite pleasure of being a human, is to feel.


an intimate dinner with a 3 step menu and wine tasting. around the table, a conversation about the sensorial activation within the pleasure investigation. different art interventions, projection of the short film “prazer” and live soundtrack.

Meu Amigo Tem um Sítio
Vinho de Combate
Maré Chocolate
João Padeiro
Beira do Rio Cogumelos
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