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Olivia, nice to e-meet you :) thanks for your visit. 

here, you can find a tiny bit of what I have been creating over the past years. 

photography is more than my work: it’s my meditation, my invitation to play with light and shadow, my compass to choose paths. it is my deepest channel to connect to myself, to other human beings and with magical places. 

photography makes me feel, live and be energy. it is my light seed, so pure and deep :) 

it was through this passion that I understood how incredible it can be to co-create with other people who also are in love with what they do. when we bring strong purposes and passions together, the result is super powerful :) 

it was photography that made me follow my heart to open up to the uncertain and start to travel, without a fixed base. nowadays, I have spent most of my time between Brazil, Australia and Indonesia, but I am always open to wide my wings to fly to new places. 

Hoje, com base no Rio de Janeiro (mas sempre pronta pra voar), ela tem como propósito maior unir essa rede através de co-criações de projetos sensíveis, sempre retratando tudo através de suas lentes e palavras, com potência e sutileza. 

Atua também como fotógrafa, diretora de fotografia, cinegrafista, poeta  e produtora de projetos que expressam o sentir. 

doubts? conversation? hugs?




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