people who have found their purpose in this life and follow it with their heart wide open to change the world, right here, right now. this deeply inspires me. 

whichever is your passion, I will follow you to capture real and powerful moments of you in action, in creation, in inspiration. to show the world the power and importance of the unique work you develop. 

Mary, creator of Two Lovers. 

Mari Zago, yoga therapist and healer. 

Rinna, creator of Aija Jewerly. 

Amber, creator of Calm Mind Co. 

Erin, creator of Odyssey Movement

Sá Souza, yoga teacher and thetahealer. 

Myrthe, creator of Rooted Lifestyle. 

Verena, creator of Intuition Technology. 

Malu, creator of Uma.Luz.